Monday, June 24, 2013

Unity's Tale- The Magic Bird Part 3

This story begins with the post called "7 Sticks":

Looking at the children Chaco realized that he could not give up. The future of the children and the villages was at stake, and before his elders fell under the spell of the birds, they trusted him to solve this issue. He recommitted himself to solve this problem even if he had to go and cut this tree down himself, but then the thought hit him, that it was the children's future at stake so why not get them to help. He at first dismissed the thought, but soon realized that he had no choice. He knew that the elders (grandparents), and the warriors and nation builders (parents) would oppose this idea so he decided to keep it secret. Chaco called the children outside his window to his door, had them spread the word to all the children in the villages, with the instructions to keep it secret from all but the ears of other children. They were to tell the children to the sacred meeting spot and bring as many tools as they could carry because they had a important mission to accomplish.
When Chaco arrived at the meeting area he was surprised to see all the children that responded to his call. Chaco moved to the center of the crowd and walked up on the platform. He knew that time was of the essence because the parents would notice that the children were gone and he had to move forward with his plan with as much haste as possible.
Chaco stood on the stage and brought this meeting to order.
"Ago" he shouted, and without a hesitation the children responded.
"Children I have called you to this meetings because the fate of the villages we love are at stake and you are the only ones that can save it. As you well know our villages have been attacked by swarms of magic birds, who are consuming all of our prepared food."
The children began nodding their heads in agreement, and Chaco continued.
"Are you tired of your food being taken from your hands?"
The children in one great voice yelled, "Yes!"
Chaco then asked them the critical question, "Are you willing to do something about it?"
Without hesitation the children responded, "Yes!"
"Then we will go and destroy these birds home and by doing that we will solve all of our problems."
The children responded "Yes", and began clapping their hands.
Then Chaco began his chant, "Down with the birds!"
"Down with the birds!"
"Down with the birds!"
The children responded and began to chant along with him, and Chaco jumped off the stage and began leading the chanting children to the tree.
When they got close to the tree everyone paused and took in the beautiful sight of the birds sitting on this tree. The beauty of the sight was "stuff of legend", and the children got even more excited and before Chaco knew what was happening the children all ran toward the tree and began chopping. Chaco tried to slow them down, but they started working together and chopping the tree.
The axes rang and then the birds began their song. Immediately Chaco began to have visions of the past and began to dance with tears of joy. He was able to see why the elders refused to cut down the tree. The children on the other hand continued chopping.
The birds then changed their song and Chaco snapped out of his haze just as the birds began to sing another song. This song like the other enraptured Chaco, as visions of the future flashed. He again began to dance with joy without even caring about what was going on with the children. Now he understood why his fellow nation builders, and warriors refused to chop the tree down. The visions that this song brought about the future was magnificent and Chaco once again lost his desire to chop the tree down. The children on the other hand continued chopping the children.
The birds song another song and this one knocked Chaco out, but the children continued chopping the tree and began to sing the chant that Chaco had started them with.
"Down with the birds!"
"Down with the birds!"
"Down with the birds!"
The children kept working, and the chopping became a part of the song that the birds screamed out.
Finally the children all went behind the tree and pushed with all of their strength, and when the tree fell they all yelled together, "Timber". The tree fell to the ground and the birds went silent and appeared to turn into little colorful statues stuck to the limbs of the tree.
 Chaco a woke just in time to witness the miracle that would change the very fabric of his peoples culture. He watched the children rush at the branches and each one grabbing one of the birds. As they picked up the birds they and the bird began to glow and from what Chaco could tell the children absorbed the magic bird within themselves. Each child grabbed a bird without fear, and when they had completed their task they began to celebrate.
They followed Chaco back to the meeting place, and Chaco sent some children to call all of the adults back to the sacred meeting grounds. When they arrived they were amazed by the site. The children were all dancing and enjoying themselves. The spirit of joy was contagious and the adults could not help but participate with the children. When all of the adults arrived, Chaco shouted the words that got everyones attention and raised his arm from the central platform.
The crowd all responded "Ame!" and it rolled out like thunder.
"I know that you are wondering why your children are celebrating. The fact is that they have saved our villages. Yes the children accomplished what the elders with all of their wisdom, and the warriors and nation builders with all their strength could not. Our children have saved us from the birds, and it appears as if they have absorbed their magic into themselves."
Pausing to make sure that everyone was following what he had said, he continued.
"Our children were not bewitched by the birds and the tree for one simple reason, that is because they operate in the present. Our elders fell prey to the past that the birds sung about, the rapture of those moments overpowered them. The warriors and nation builders were entranced by the birds song of the future, but our children fell for neither song. They stayed busy in the present moment and conquered the birds and the magic of the tree."
The elders, nation builders, and warriors applauded the children and celebrated their victory for it was a victory for all.

Unity walked toward his seat after completing his story. Pulling on his chair he stopped, looked at his father and saw the pride in his eyes and before he sat down he stated.
" Now our father often told us stories involving the Nyame, but he stressed that this was the critical moment in the Nyame's known history. This is where the Nyame changed because those children that absorbed the magic of the birds became the generation of change for those people. Those children who were able to fight the magic of the birds by being in the present moment set the ground work of greatness. It was said that those children began to advance the Nyame understanding of the world, and from that generation the magic was said to be passed from generation to generation until the Nyame became so advanced in their understanding that they simple vanished from our world."
Unity sat down and his father stood to his feet, and began to clap.
"My son I can not believe that you remembered that tale, you told it so beautifully, but can you tell me what it taught you."
Unity took a sip of water from his cup and got back on his feet as his father sat back down.
"Father first of all I need you to realize that just because young people act as if they are not listening or learning it is not truth. i have absorbed much from your words, and deeds.
I use that story when ever I am in a difficult spot in my personal and business life. First off it reminds me of the importance of people working together, and also it reminds me that to be successful in life you need to look outside the normal for some solutions. I also learned that the future and the past can sometimes be a road block to making progress. The principle of unity works in the present."
The old man then rose to his feet again and began to speak.
"I hope that the rest of you were listening, and are able to tell your stories as Unity has."
Siting down and looking once again at his oldest son with pride, he waited for the next tell. The whole table fell into silence as they waited for Determination to rise to her feet and begin her story.
Determination rose and backed away from the table, and looked at her father with love, and bowed her head to him.
"My father as my older brother has shared with you we all learned may things from you, but the tale that has stuck with me for all these years, and has helped me the most is the story you told about the "Princess With The Crooked Back"