Monday, January 21, 2013


I am creating this blog to share the folktales, myths, and legends that I have been running into as I develope my future books. Over the last few years I have been learning the importance of these stories. When we take a deep look at the stories of the past we see that this was the way that our ancestors passed on knowledge to future generations. Somewhere we got lost and disconnected and stop telling the storeis. We have become dependent on the television and radio to do the job of the griots and elders. In this trade off our young have lost a vital connection to there roots. this disconnection may be contributing to the violence within all of our communities. Stories when told by a live human forges a connection that can not be duplicated byb mass media. These connections I believe provide a needed nutrient to human beings that help to battle against the apathy and self loathing that leads to a mind state that would allow a human to slay another human.
A very important lesson that I learned from my Latin brothers and sisters that I think can help explain this blog is "cultura cura" (forgive me if I spelled it wrong) which simply means culture cures. The culture of all people has been passed through stories, and I will explore the stories of as many cultures as I can. I must admit that I will change some, but that is the right of me being a storyteller, As I said in many post before it is the responsibility of the artist to shape the direction in which the people go. Since I am an artist I take poetic license to shape and change the basics of the stories, but I will will strive to keep the wisdom intact. I believe that the ancient stories need to be told, but they may need an update to catch the attention of today's readers.
I will be sharing stories as they are, some I will rewrite for today or for Gye-Nyame, but you will still be able to walk away with a lesson.
Feel free to criticize  or share the positives that you find. This blog will only get better with your comments. i am a beginning writer and have many rough edges to workout, so I am looking forward to your input. If there happen to be writers who want to contribute hit me up and I would love to share your stories as well.
I will also be broadcasting my stories on Spreaker and you will be able to here my latest editions on this blog. Let's change the world by changing the stories.
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